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We are currently designated under the National Accessible Scheme operated by the Visit Britain Organisation.

Mobility Level 2: Typically suitable for a person with restricted walking ability and for those that may need to use a wheelchair some of the time and can negotiate a maximum of three steps.

The purpose of this page is to give you more detailed information on the practical use of Kitley House. Whilst we have had considerable experience of accommodating guests over the years we are frequently asked specific questions regarding staying at Kitley House. The house is a Grade One listed building which due to its size of public rooms presents few accessibility issues once access has been gained…


Two bays are reserved and designated for the use of Disabled Guests. These are immediately adajcent to the Front Door. The Right Hand Bay can be viewed from Reception which is manned 24 hours a day. In the event that assistance is required before exiting the car we advise that Lights are Flashed until the Receptionist attention is gained. In the event of slow response (they may be on the telephone or talking to customers) do feel free to use your horn!


There are three steps from the car park to the lobby and one step from the lobby to the Hotel Ground Floor Level. To assist access there are ramps retained in the lobby area. If you require their use please advise prior to arrival. They will be left in place throughout your stay. Due to the level of slope we require that assistance is provided for their use. For independent travellers this can be provided by Reception.


There are no restrictions on access on the Ground Floor. All doorways are wide and there are no steps or stairs. Facilities on the Ground Floor are:-

Hubbard Suite - Accessible bedroom and bathroom

Public Toilet – Accessible bathroom

Toilet features Toilet with support and washhand basin. Also there is a baby changing unit and guest consumables machine for which assistance may be required due to the height.

Lobby – Leather Sofa and Log Fire from October until April

Drawing Room – Used as Dining Room, Meeting Room and Lounge

Regency Room – Used as Dining Room, Meeting Room and Lounge

Library – Used as Dining Room

Club Bar – Cocktail Bar

Terrace – Access is achieved however there is a small step for which assistance will be required.


Access to the gardens is achieved primarily by exiting through the Front Doors and across the car park – around 15 metres. Once through the garden entance a lightly graded slope of gravel will take you into the fountain garden. Once there everything is on one level. The gravel paths are relatively accessible and only recently relaid to give a firmer feel. Lighting is provided at low level to maintain access throughout the day and evening.



Facilities Suitable for Children and Babies

Highchairs – we have a range of highchairs to suit all ages. All feature safety straps for the youngest members. Meals can be taken in all the rooms and gardens including bedrooms.

Cots – foldaway cots are available for infants. These come complete with duvets.

Rollaway Beds – for the older children rollaway beds are available.

Baby Changing – this is located on the Ground Floor and features a pull down bed with straps. There is a nappy disposal bin adjacent to this unit.

Children and Baby Sitting

This can be arranged through local agencies. Naturally there is a cost which is paid by you direct to the agency. This will vary dependent on ages and numbers of children as well as the times required. Meals can be provided for babysitters as well.

Baby Listening

Due to safety advice we do not offer or operate this service.



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